Economises Feed Cost

  • Improves nutrient absorption by improving feed digestion

  • Improves cellular assimilation

  • Improves the availability of energy, protein, fat & amino acids

  • Better weight gain at lower feed cost

  • Improves protein and carbohydrate utilization by 3-5%

  • Improves feed biochemistry

  • Maintains uniformity of the flock

  • Improves egg production in layers and breeders.

  • Helps optimise the feed formulation

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Feed cost reduction improves poultry profitability

  • Managing Feed Cost is the most important aspect in Poultry Business Profitability.

  • Today's feed is highly dense, very rich in energy, amino acids and carbohydrates. In spite of such dense feed, some feed ingredients have less digestible values and high anti-nutritionals.

  • This affects the daily weight gain and lowers the feed efficiency.

How does Nutribion work

  • NUTRIBION improves functioning of epithelial tissue thus improving the digestive process.

  • It energizes enzyme secretion from digestive tract in the body.

  • It regulates intestinal motility which helps in better absorption of digested nutrients.

  • Its unique metabolic action helps in the assimilation of absorbed nutrients at cellular level n the body mainly by improving inter and intra cellular activity.

  • 1 Phytogenic extracts of convallamarin, oleic acid and myristic acid improve the permeability of epithelial tissue of intestine

  • 2 Phytogenic extracts of alfalfa (carotene and isoflavones), adonin and acotinic acid improve digestive enzyme secretion from liver, gall bladder and pancreas

  • 3 Extracts of convallarin improve intestinal motility helping in digestion and assimilation

Proof of performance

Sample size

  • 4 million birds. 7 months of continous usage. BWT 40 days

Observations & Conclusions

  • Improvement in FCR by about 0.01 - 0.05 points

  • Increase in body weight of 1 - 1.5g/day

  • Reduction in feed cost, feed with less oil is possible


  • Nutribion can be used to top-up the feed to improve FCR in Poultry. By using its matrix, it can be applied as feed cost economizer.


  • Nutribion is to be given in feed 200g - 500g / MT