• Complete replacement to synthetic vitamin E

  • Natural biological antioxidant, enhances immunity

  • Maintains stability of biological membrane

  • Improves male and female fertility

Vitamin E is extremely important for the well-being of Poultry.

  • Vitamin E is useful in fertility of both males and female reproductive organs. It helps in immune response. It has protective effect in reducing toxicity. It is essential for many biological reactions including phosphorelation, synthesis of ascorbic acid, sulphur, amino acid and vitamin B12 metabolism.

How does Evita work

  • EVITA, at the cellular level, stops the attack of free radicals on lipid based sub-cellular membranes thus maintaining the cell membrane stability.

  • This holds the cell structure together and maintains the cellular space which is essential for the flow of Life Energy.

  • This in turns restores metabolism, bodily functions and reproductive functions.

  • 1 Protects the lipid based cellular membrane from pathogenic invasion (extracts of Asparagamine and Leuteolin)

  • 2 Antioxidant effect scavenges the damaging free radicals (extracts of Oleuropein and Selenium metallicum)

  • 3 Restores biological membrane stability (extracts of Asparagamine and Oleuropein)

Proof of performance

Observations & Conclusions

  • EVITA can completely replace synthetic vitamin E.


  • Replacement for synthetic vitamin E

  • Regular use improves fertility and hatchability in breeders.

  • To prevent and control exudative diathesis, encepahlomalacia and muscular dystrophy.


  • In feed - 250g / MT regularly